RealNav Data for Home*/Personal Flight Simulators

We offer the RealNav navigation database to home users* for a substantially reduced price.  "Home Users" means anybody who is using flight simulator software at home for private, personal, or entertainment use, and the simulator is not being used for flight training or in a simulator certified by the FAA or other government body.  (Operators of professional or FAA-Certified simulators should visit our Pro Sims page).

The "home use" data is identical to what is offered in the professional edition with quarterly updates.   (28-day updates are not available for home users at this time).   If you are using a flight simulator such as Microsoft FSX, Microsoft ESP, or Lockheed-Martin's Prepar3D, you are likely accessing GPS functions through third-party "gauges" loaded in your aircraft's panel configuration.    You should check with the software vendor for your GPS gauge to ensure it was designed to be compatible with RealNav data before you purchase data from this site.   

August 1, 2012 Mindstar Aviation, makers of flight simulator avionics including a Garmin G1000 for home use (and a professional version used in full motion simulators), choses RealNav data as a data-replacement option for their customers.   

As additional software vendors choose to become compatible with the RealNav database,  we will list them on this page.  To determine if your software is compatible with RealNav data, contact the vendor of your gauge software.

To purchase RealNav data for home use, visit this page.

* Home use is not inclusive of simulators manufactured to certification standards (BATD, etc) regardless of the use or location of the simulator.

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